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My Love Affair With Bouviers

I first saw a Bouvier in 1988. My wife and I had a small dog named Kronos that I sometimes took to Steve's Dog Laundry (We'll Wash Any Dog, Any Size for $9.95) for a bath. I walked into Steve's and saw what looked like a small bear sitting on another customer's lap. It was love at first sight! I talked to the Bouvier owner, met the dog, and decided that I would own a Bouvier in the future. In 1990, Kronos passed away after living 14 years with us. After a period of time, my wife and I decided to get another dog. I didn't know anything about Bouviers or how to go about buying a purebred dog. I did find a classified ad in the Los Angeles Times advertising Bouvier puppies for sale. We purchased the last Bouvier puppy available, a fawn female which we named Ursa. Several pictures of Ursa can be viewed at Ursa's Home Page.

Bouviers are not for everyone. Before you even consider getting a Bouvier, please read "Don't Buy a Bouvier" by Pam Green (link below). And if you do decide to get a Bouvier, please consider a rescue dog. There are many rescue Bouviers available for adoption. My second Bouvier, Magnum, was a rescue dog and he is a truly great companion. You can see Magnum at Magnum's Home Page.

We also have Haley, a Springer Spaniel/Border Collie max. Haley IS the Alpha dog of the house. Please visit Haley;s Home Page.

On September, 17, 2000 we added Shasta , another Bouvier, to our family.

If you have any doubt that Bouviers are working dogs, check out Bouviers at Work.

Description of the Bouvier des Flandres from The Complete Dog Book

The Bouvier Des Flandres is a powerfully built, compact, short-coupled, rough-coated dog of notably rugged appearance. He gives the impression of great strength without any sign of heaviness or clumsiness in his overall makeup. He is agile, spirited and bold, yet his serene, well-behaved disposition denotes his steady, resolute and fearless character. His gaze is alert and brilliant, depicting his intelligence, vigor and daring. By nature he is an equable dog.

His origin is that of a cattle herder and general farmer's helper, including cart pulling. He is an ideal farm dog. His harsh coat protects him in all weather, enabling him to perform the most arduous tasks. The coat may be trimmed slightly only to accent the body line.

He been used as an ambulance and messenger dog. Modern times find him as a watch and guard dog as well as a family friend, guardian, and protector. His physical and mental characteristics and deportment, coupled with his olfactory abilities, his intelligence and initiative enable him to also perform as a tracking dog and a guide dog for the blind.

Color -- From fawn to black, passing through salt and pepper,gray and brindle. Some colors are not favored in the show ring.

Height -- 25 to 27 inches at the withers.

Weight -- 90 to 120 pounds.

Temperament -- Very calm. Usually very good with and protective of children.

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