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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.   Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with us. Please contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

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October 20, 2014

50 years old and still working!

This pair of GP39Ms were both built in 1964 as Southern Pacific GP-35s 7481 (now 2879) and 7439 (now 2889). Fifty years later they are still going strong as seen in the photo taken in Kent, Washington on October 16th. They are leading more than forty cars of mixed freight south on the mainline toward Auburn. ©2014 Dave Goss

An veteran on its way to Hill Air Force base

The Railpower GG20B, Generation IV GenSets - 2 units (USAX 6003-had worked at Fort McCoy, near Sparta, WI and 6004-worked at Fort Bliss, TX) were moved from Army posts to the Defense Generator & Rail Branch, Hill Air Force Base, Utah. The former USAX 6004 had been gutted and body placed on at flatcar - September 30, 2014. 2,000 hp rated hybrid locomotive, engines: 1 small genset plus battery bank, on 4 axle GP-type frame. 3rd generation version of GG20B, upgraded to 4th generation specs by Railpower. USAX 6003 cut up at Hill AFB, UT. ©2014 Chip

A new RTD station under construction

Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) East Rail Line 38th St. and Blake Station was taking shape October 14, 2014. The station is next to Union Pacific's 36th Street Yard. ©2014 Chip

PVs at Denver Union Station

Mike McBride stopped by DUS on October 14 and found two California Zephyr Railcar Charter cars on track 5.Originally built for the Pennsylvania RR, the California Zephyr Sleeper "Silver Rapids" had a new name on the side “Silver Smith.” The word “Smith” was pasted over “Rapids”, so this might be a temporary name. ©2014 Michael McBride The Silver Solarium (California Zephyr CB&Q) had its rear marker lit up  ©2014 Michael McBride

Abandoned Railroad artifacts

The Bala Limestone bridge near the ghost town of Bala KS. This is northwest of Manhattan. The CRI&P line ran thru here, the bridge is on private property with public access. Consideration for the landowners is a must. ©2014 Scott Bollinger The abandoned grade of the Leavenworth, Kansas & Western narrow gauge line near Lasita Ks. The LK & W built west from Leavenworth with aspirations to reach Denver. It only built as far west as Miltonvale KS. It wound around all over, had little online traffic & never made any real money. It was a poor stepchild to the standard gauge lines in the state. Abandonment in the 1930”s was predictable. ©2014 Scott Bollinger
The grain elevator located on the LK & W at Lasita KS, another ghost town. This is NE of Clay Center KS. ©2014 Scott Bollinger The Burlington & Missouri River RR bridge also NE of Concordia KS. This and the below bridge are within ½ mile of each other. Both are accessible. The Burlington bridge is accessible from the county road on the east end of the bridge. Both were built prior to 1900 over the Republican River.

Concordia was a major RR hub with at least 4 different railroads, including the aforementioned Burlington &Missouri Pacific, AT&SF. ©2014 Scott Bollinger

The old UP Pegram Truss bridge NE of Concordia KS, it is now a county road. ©2014 Scott Bollinger

This is what little track is left of the old Missouri Pacific line at Blue Rapids KS. It is now about 12 miles used by the Central Branch for speeder cars & tourism in Marshall County. The original location of the MoPac here was relocated between Frankfort & Blue Rapids in 1960 due to construction of Tuttle Creek Reservoir on the Big Blue river just above Manhattan KS.

The line relocation resulted in the towns of Barrett, Bigelow & Irving all becoming ghost towns since they were in the flood plain of the lake if it went to full pool, which happened in 1993. Now the relocated line is abandoned also after the UP-MP merger in 1982, with rails removed in 2000. ©2014 Scott Bollinger

Some action on the CATS

K36 489 Waits in Antonito to pull a train to Chama Sept 3rd 2014.  ©2014 Dennis Haefele K36 487 Waiting for passengers to finish lunch at Osier to continue from Chama to Antonito Sept 3rd 2014. ©2014 Dennis Haefele
Our train waiting at Osier, picture shot through the cattle chutes   Sept 3rd  2014. ©2014 Dennis Haefele Mudhen 463 sits cold in Chama awaiting her next call to duty Sept 3rd 2014. ©2014 Dennis Haefele
Rotary OY in the Chama engine house under going evaluation with 489, no one would say but maybe we will see OY working one would say Sept 3rd 2014. ©2014 Dennis Haefele K-36 484 in Chama waiting to pull our train up the 4% grade Sept 4th 2014. ©2014 Dennis Haefele

A Warbonnet in Wyoming

BNSF 246, SD75, departed Greybull, Wyoming, October 5, 2014 along the Big Horn River. Train was headed for Denver, Colorado. ©2014 Chip

Some local action

BNSF 4581 west grinds uphill in to the Keenesburg siding as the sun peeks over the horizon. .©2014 James Nelson The eastbound hotshot 'Z Denver Chicago' races downhill towards Roggen. ©2014 James Nelson
The westbound that was in siding at Roggen follows Amtrak #5 up the hill, again at West Tampa.  ©2014 James Nelson

Planes via train

BNSF 212, SD75, & Union Pacific 9164, C40-8, moved westbound Boeing B-737's across Lake Pend Oreille near Sandpoint, Idaho, October 3, 2014.  

Pictures form the Durango & Silverton and the Cumbres & Toltec


D&S number 473 with the D&S 2014 Fall Photo Special crosses U.S. Highway 550 at Hermosa, Colorado (mile post 462.7), September 28, 2014.©2014 Jerry B. Day D&S K-36 number 482 with the first train of the day crosses U.S. Highway 550 at Hermosa, Colorado (mile post 462.7), September 28, 2014.  ©2014 Jerry B. Day
Durango & Silverton K-28 number 473 crosses Mineral Creek bridge at Mile Post 496.15 just south of the Silverton yard. September 28.  ©2014 Jerry B. Day Ex-D&RGW K-27 number 463 rolling fast west bound out of Antonito with a Jay Wimer photo freight train charter at 6:30 am, September 29.  ©2014 Jerry B. Day
The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad’s fall photo special southbound with K-28 number 473 waits on the Elk Park siding for the two northbound regular passenger trains. September 27, 2014. ©2014 Jerry B. Day The northbound fall photo special fills the canyon with smoke for the photographers during a run-by at Whitehead Gulch (mile post 491.95). September 27, 2014. ©2014 Jerry B. Day
The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad’s north bound regular passenger train passes the fall photo special southbound with K-28 number 473 waiting on the Elk Park siding. September 27, 2014. ©2014 Jerry B. Day The southbound fall photo special with locomotive 473 performs a photo run-by for railroad photographers at the famous high line (mile post 469.5). September 27, 2014. ©2014 Jerry B. Day

Some pictures from Portugal

In Porto, Portugal, this sleek tram runs on standard gauge (4’ 8 ½”) as does the few vintage trolleys on other routes in the city.   ©2014 Dave Goss The commuter lines in Lisbon operate on broad gauge (or Iberian gauge) of 5’ 5 21/32” or 1668mm. Many of these lines were converted in the 1950s from standard gauge to Iberian broad gauge to be compatible with equipment from Spain. ©2014 Dave Goss
This vintage trolley in Porto is advertising Jameson Scotch, a popular drink in Europe. A sister (Tram 185) operates in San Francisco as part of their heritage fleet. ©2014  Dave Goss Only four of the historic street tram lines are still operating in Lisbon, Portugal. Many of these cars were manufactured by J.G Brill. The gauge in Lisbon is 2’ 11 7/16 (900mm) gauge.  ©2014 Dave Goss

More Rio Grande signals are being replaced

Union Pacific is preparing to replace former Denver & Rio Grande Western RR signal bridge near milepost 627 with a new signal bridge in late 2014. Project was well underway west of Helper, Utah, September 29, 2014.  ©2014 Chip

A visit to the Cripple Creek area on September 20.

The Colorado Midland depot and section house in Hartsel. The CM has been abandoned since 1918, 96 years old and still standing.  ©2014 Wally Weart The Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad operates over part of the old Midland Terminal route. Number 2 engine is a Henschel 0-4-0 built in 1936, in Germany prepares to leave. ©2014 Wally Weart
Another view of Henschel built in 1936 No. 2. ©2014 Wally Weart The Number 1 is a Orenstein and Koppel, built in 1902 as a  0-4-4-0 articulated mallet. ©2014 Wally Weart
This coach used to sit on the edge of town and has been rescued for possible restoration? Could this be an old Colorado Midland coach? ©2014 Wally Weart Rio Grande caboose 0952 sits by the CC&V Narrow Gauge station. ©2014 Wally Weart

Around Colorado

BNSF 6526 and 4705 still in Warbonnet paint head South with the U-SIOMQA0-16,
a 92 car train of empty cement cars heading for the Cement plant at Minnequa which is located just South of Pueblo. This scene was taken at Hudson with the last light of the day.
©2014 SP8595
D&RGW 491 is being a really useful engine has he pushes Thomas the Tank Engine around the Colorado Railroad Museum during  the first of three weekends of Thomas Days. ©2014 Wally Weart

A neat sunset shot

UP's Greeley Local (LDI-04) switches out Norfolk Iron & Metals off of the Gill lead located at the North end of the Greeley siding. ©2014 SP8595

Before and after at LaJara, CO

First photo shows the LaJara depot in April 1971 with dual gauge track still in place. Second photo shows the LaJara depot, which is now town hall, on August 11, 2014 with a Rio Grande & San Luis F unit coming from Antonito with a short train from the perlite mill. ©2014 Jerry Day

Derrick OP in action

The C&TS demonstrated the rebuilt D&RGW Derrick OP on the 11th of August. D&RGW Derrick OP was built by the D&RG from gondola 9562 in December 1911. Flat car 06063 was converted to a boom tender for OP at that time. The D&RG rebuilt OP in 1920. It was part of the sale of D&RGW equipment to the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR in 1970. It was used several times over the years but gradually deteriorated and had been completely rebuilt by the Friends of the C&TS RR.   ©2014 Jerry Day

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