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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.   Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with us. Please contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

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August 27, 2014

A really nice shot of Amtrak

A flood near Osceola, IA washed out the tracks early Saturday morning. Consequently, the westbound Zephyr was delay for a few hours. By the time it departed Denver, it was running about five hours late. Here, the train rounds the curve at the east end of Leyden, doing its best to make up for lost time. ©2014 Kevin Morgan (Editor's note: nice to see a classic broadside which shows all the train on a curve)

D&RGW 491 in action

D&RGW 491 heads away from the roundhouse for a trip to take on water. ©2014 Wally Weart A thirsty engine. ©2014 Wally Weart
A classic scene, for sure. ©2014 Wally Weart

A new photo freight at the Colorado Railroad Museum

Ex GL RR 40 is now staged with a photo freight. ©2014 Wally Weart

An ex SOO SD-60 helps out the BNSF 

An ex SOO line SD-60 leads the Beer train out of Golden on August 22. ©2014 Wally Weart

Some pictures from Colorado and Kansas

Cargill stations former Inland Steel 131 at their Byers, Colorado elevator. Based on the louvers in the hood, it appears to be an SW7. ©2014 Larry Dilts August 18, 2014. Parked on the a UP siding at Avondale, Colorado is VS&T's rail train with V&S (SMNR) Alco 420 3518. A&K Railroad Materials is finally starting to scrap the Towner ©2014 Larry Dilts
At Sugar City, Colorado, A&K Railroad Materials' spike pullers were pulling the spikes on the VS&T mainline. ©2014 Larry Dilts Heavy rail and tie removal equipment was parked next to the V&ST siding at Arlington, Colorado. Workers said that rail removal should begin next week. ©2014 Larry Dilts
The track view at Arlington, Colorado shows the spikes have already been pulled. ©2014 Larry Dilts The K&O line east of Towner, Colorado still sees frequent trains. A 54 car eastbound train was clipping along east of Selkirk, Kansas with K&O (WAMX) 4035 and WAMX 4028 in charge. ©2014 Larry Dilts
K&O (WAMX) 4034 and 4001 were in the Scott City, Kansas yard ©2014 Larry Dilts

A Warbonnet 

BNSF 8300, SD75I, on the U IRCMQA0 45 (Irondale to Minnequa, south of Pueblo, CO) cement empties. Train passed Monument, Colorado, after sunrise August 19, 2014.©2014 Chip

More military hardware on the move

New security (smile) along Denver Regional Transportation District light rail at BNSF siding north of W. Evans Ave., Denver, CO, August 17, 2014. Tanks (M1A1 Abrams) came out of Fort Carson, Colorado south of Colorado Springs. ©2014 Chip

The Rocky trip to Strasburg

On August 16, members of The Rocky Mountain RR Club made a trip to Strasburg to visit the Comanche Crossing Museum and the Comanche Crossing & Eastern railroad. 

One of the features of the Museum is the 1917 Union Pacific railroad station. The sign commemorates the fact the first real transcontinental railroad was really joined here. At the time the Kansas Pacific was completed, there was no bridge over the Missouri in Omaha but there was one in Kansas City, making the KP the first transcontinental railroad.  ©2014 Wally Weart The museum has a caboose which is nicely restored.  ©2014 Wally Weart
We visited Uhrich Locomotive Works and Marlin Uhrich led a tour through all the buildings. This is a new caboose for Tiny Town.  ©2014 Wally Weart The items on the table show some of the casting that are made by the Uhrich crew.  ©2014 Wally Weart
Marlin showed how they cast the many parts they make. They cast parts for many different  customers including the  D&S, CATS and the Georgetown  Loop.  ©2014 Wally Weart Uhrich owns this SW1000 which awaits the call to duty.   ©2014 Wally Weart
This is one of cars in Ulrich's inventory. Maybe an ex D&RGW?  ©2014 Wally Weart Our next stop was the Comanche Crossing & Eastern railroad. Rob Thane brought out this incredible locomotive which he constructed.  He used it to provide rides around his large railroad.  ©2014 Wally Weart
If that wasn't enough, check out this 2-6-0!  It burns the same coal as does the D&S.  ©2014 Wally Weart engines.  The train crosses one of the three bridges along the line as club members enjoy the ride.  ©2014 Wally Weart
The CC& E even has a tunnel!  ©2014 Wally Weart Rob Thane and Club President Nathan Holmes hold the Club trip drumhead and it still denotes a 1993 visit to the CC&E.  ©2014 Wally Weart

Some pictures from the D&S

The regular D&S passenger train on Thursday August 14 was a double header from Hermosa to Silverton with K36s number 482 and 486. The helper ran across the high line and high bride separately and recoupled on the other side. Here it is shown departing Hermosa.  ©2014 Jerry Day D&S double header arrives at Rockwood in a heavy rainstorm (had a raincoat on my camera). Water is over the rails on one leg of the Rockwood wye.  ©2014 Jerry Day
Crew uncouples helper 482 prior to moving out on the high line. It would recouple to the train just north of the high bridge.  ©2014 Jerry Day Helper engine 482 wait for the train at Hermosa in a heavy downpour.  ©2014 Jerry Day

Military on the move

BNSF's Lincoln, Nebraska, to Provo, Utah, train had about 30 Caiman Mine Resistant Armored Protected (MRAP) Army vehicles headed west from Denver, CO, August 12, 2014. Images taken around Hot Sulphur Springs, CO, and in Byers Canyon along the Colorado River. The Caimanís were headed for the Sierra Army Depot in California. 

Some pictures from a member

UP 1345 was switching onto the south Russina Spur in north Colorado Springs serving Foxworth Galbraith Lumber. Access to the spur is limited making it difficult to photograph. August 13, 2014 ©2014 Larry Dilts UP 1345 was switching the north Russina Spur in north Colorado Springs. DMS Building Products is the only active customer on this spur. At one time the spur extended west nine tenths of a mile to a new industrial park along Garden of the Gods Road. Today it ends just east of Interstate 25. August 13, 2014. The Russina local generally runs on Wednesdays ©2014 Larry Dilts
BNSF 8764 and 8884 were distributed power units on the end of a southbound coal train passing by soccer fields in north Colorado Springs August 13, 2014.©2014 Larry Dilts The Kyle depot in Goodland, Kansas displays the old Kyle emblem as well as the new Genesee and Wyoming Kyle emblem. Photographed August 13, 2014. ©2014 Larry Dilts
February 28, 2014.  Some of the track of the North Russina Spur remains in place north of Garden of the Gods Road and west of North Chestnut. The view was looking to the southeast. ©2014 Larry Dilts February 28, 2014. The view was looking to the west. The track ends on the north side of Appliance Factory Outlet.  ©2014 Larry Dilts

Pictures from the CATS

Jerry Day was at the CATS, photographing a historic recreation train between Chama, New Mexico and Antonito, Colorado. They setup a special train with seven stock cars and a caboose for the photos. There were three passenger cars that they would uncouple and leave out of the photos most of the time. This special event was a joint effort of the C&TS and Jay Wimerís Chama Steam company. 4 pictures ©2014 Jerry Day

Private cars at DUS

Michael McBride noted that DUS seems to be getting quite a few private cars that are either passing through or staying. He saw these three cars headed west on #5.  ©2014 Michael McBride

The Beer train in Arvada

BNSF 1444, SD60, with CEFX 3181 & 6012 (ex-Soo Line) was the power on BNSF's Beer Run near Arvada, Colorado, August 11, 2014. Train was headed west toward Golden and Miller-Coors Brewery. Train passed new Denver Regional Transportation District flyover being built over Union Pacific's Moffat Tunnel Subdivision line. ©2014 Chip

A visit to Glenwood Springs 

This is the old D&RGW freight house in Glenwood Springs. It also served Rio Grande Motorways, the railroad's trucking subsidiary. It is located on one leg of the wye which once connected the Aspen branch to the main line.  Surprisingly, even though the switch from the main has been removed, the yard is still intact, albeit overgrown. ©2014 Wally Weart
The wedge plows awaits its next call to duty. I understand it was used last winter. ©2014 Wally Weart A long string of power at Glenwood Springs. While sets were coupled, each group of three had the MU hoses connected. ©2014 Wally Weart
Another shot of the stored power. ©2014 Wally Weart The photogenic and historic Glenwood Springs station. We spent Saturday Afternoon and Sunday morning with only one train spotting, Amtrak on Saturday afternoon just before we arrived. ©2014 Wally Weart

Amtrak in New Mexico

Michael McBride took these photos just south of Raton on August 1. The westbound Southwest Chief was running a little over one hour late. ©2014  Michael McBride

A UP Special

A Union Pacific 9-car passenger special at Granby, Colorado, August 5, 2014. Union Pacific's president Jack Kowalski was on board meeting town and county officials. ©2014  Chip

Pictures from DUS grand opening 

Denver Union Station was humming with activity having just had a gala opening Saturday, July 26. View taken Sunday afternoon, July 27, 2014, Denver, Colorado.
 ©2014  Chip
Denver Union Station Terminal Bar was humming with customers after gala opening Saturday, July 26. Former passenger train ticket office view taken Sunday afternoon, July 27, 2014, Denver, Colorado. Step up to the former ticket windows to order your drinks.

Several restaurants open and there is. Tattered Covered Bookstore on the north end.  ©2014 Chip

A meet in Kansas

On July 21, 2014, the Plainville branch local led by HLCX 1056 and GMTX 2283 arrived in Oakley, Kansas with 5 empty phosphoric acid cars. On the mainline, a westbound empty oil train passed by with UP 8384 and 7049 as power. The oil train was divided into three sections separated by buffer cars. ©2014  Larry D. Dilts

A colorful consist

Union Pacific 1983, Western Pacific heritage unit, along with Kansas City Southern 4059, led the Roper Yard, Salt Lake City, Utah, to North Yard, Denver, Colorado, train passed Colorado River in Byers Canyon near Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, July 22, 2014.

UP 1983 suffered an engine fire July 24, 2014 on the North Yard, Denver, CO, to North Platte, NE, train (M NYNP 24). Unitsí Western Pacific herald partially burnt on one side. Unit shipped to Jenks Locomotive Shop, North Little Rock, AR. ©2014 Chip

BNSF power helping the UP

On July 19, 2014, a unit grain train arrived at Cornerstone Ag in Colby, Kansas with BNSF 9016, UP 6563 and 7363 as power. This is the first time Larry had seen BNSF power in Colby.  ©2014  Larry D. Dilts

The Cheyenne Frontier Days Special

Chip and a couple joined him at the south end of the South Platte River bridge and caught Union Pacific 951 approaching La Salle, Colorado, July 19, 2014 with the Cheyenne Frontier Days train. ©2014  Chip

A fallen flag lives on

Rio Grande Country? Actually it is Kyle Country. On July 18, 2014, two former Rio Grande covered hoppers were in the yard at Colby. The Kyle has a number of old Rio Grande covered hoppers, but most have nearly lost all of their Rio Grande markings. These two were in fairly good shape. Kyle 15771 was in the foreground while Kyle 15752 was in the background.  ©2014  Larry D. Dilts

Some Great Western action

OmniTrax Great Western Railway 2959 and 3146 pulled long train across Cache la Poudre River near Windsor headed for Milliken, CO, July 15, 2014 ©2014  Chip

Copyright 2014 Rocky Mountain Railroad Club.

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