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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.   Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with us. Please contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

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July 25, 2014

A meet in Kansas

On July 21, 2014, the Plainville branch local led by HLCX 1056 and GMTX 2283 arrived in Oakley, Kansas with 5 empty phoshporic acid cars. On the mainline, a westbound empty oil train passed by with UP 8384 and 7049 as power. The oil train was divided into three sections separated by buffer cars. ©2014  Larry D. Dilts

A colorful consist

Union Pacific 1983, Western Pacific heritage unit, along with Kansas City Southern 4059, led the Roper Yard, Salt Lake City, Utah, to North Yard, Denver, Colorado, train passed Colorado River in Byers Canyon near Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, July 22, 2014. ©2014  Chip

BNSF power helping the UP

On July 19, 2014, a unit grain train arrived at Cornerstone Ag in Colby, Kansas with BNSF 9016, UP 6563 and 7363 as power. This is the first time Larry had seen BNSF power in Colby.  ©2014  Larry D. Dilts

The Cheyenne Frontier Days Special

Chip and a couple joined him at the south end of the South Platte River bridge and caught Union Pacific 951 approaching La Salle, Colorado, July 19, 2014 with the Cheyenne Frontier Days train. ©2014  Chip

A fallen flag lives on

Rio Grande Country? Actually it is Kyle Country. On July 18, 2014, two former Rio Grande covered hoppers were in the yard at Colby. The Kyle has a number of old Rio Grande covered hoppers, but most have nearly lost all of their Rio Grande markings. These two were in fairly good shape. Kyle 15771 was in the foreground while Kyle 15752 was in the background.  ©2014  Larry D. Dilts

Some Great Western action

OmniTrax Great Western Railway 2959 and 3146 pulled long train across Cache la Poudre River near Windsor headed for Milliken, CO, July 15, 2014 ©2014  Chip

Activity at DUS

Private cars operated by David will depart Denver, Colorado, Sunday, July 13, 2014 on Amtrak train number 5, the California Zephyr. David owns Southern number 1 business car, St. Croi Valley dining car, support car three and Dome car number 3. Cars are parked on track 5 Denver Union Station. The cars made a trip to California.  ©2014  Chip Terminal bar occupies former Amtrak ticket office at Denver Union Station July 12, 2014 Denver, Colorado.

Some new power to help the  BNSF

New Citirail units fresh from Fort Worth, Texas, General Electric plant came west on BNSF's Lincoln, Nebraska, to Provo, Utah, train. CREX 1406, 1402 & 1408 crossed Union Pacific diamond at Sand Creek, Commerce City, Colorado, July 6, 2014. Train will continue west from Denver, Colorado, on July 7, 2014 using Union Pacific trackage rights on Moffat Tunnel Subdivision.   

Private cars at DUS

Mike McBride stopped by Union Station on July 5 and shot four pictures of the CZ cars. ©2014 Mike McBride

A new home for an ex IC Geep

CHS's (WBCR) new GP10 number 12 was delivered July 1, 2014 to CHS's Colby liquid fertilizer plant. On July 5, 2014, number 12 was parked behind CHS's trackmobile which it is replacing.  ©2014  Larry D. Dilts

The Georgetown Loop fireworks train

Your editor rode the Loop's Fireworks and B-B-Q train on July 4. Shay 9 is running around the nine car train just before a rain storm kinda dampened the evening. However, later the sky cleared, the fireworks were marvelous and the riding behind 9 uphill to Silver Plume with its headlight shining down the track and the oil fire flashing was a real treat. Wally Weart ©2014

The Heritage Square train is running

The 2 foot gauge train is running at Heritage Square and is well worth a look and ride. Wally Weart ©2014

A switch move at the Colorado Railroad Museum

The Rio Grande steam engine, the Midland Terminal observation car and the Great Western combine have been moved from their location between the main building and the Library. Two other cars will be moved into their old location. Wally Weart ©2014 D&RGW 50 has been busy! Wally Weart ©2014

Trains at Arvada

The Beer train and a coal train tied down at the Tennyson crossing. I guess BNSF is short of power. In the above picture, you'll see the r-o-w for RTD's Gold Line which is under construction. Wally Weart ©2014
Another tied down coal train as the local drops a tank car at a local industry.
 Wally Weart ©2014
Looking east you can see where the Gold Line will run. Wally Weart ©2014

Some pictures from Kansas

During the night, heavy local rains west of Page City, Kansas, on the old Kansas Pacific mainline, washed several hundred feet of track and several bridge approaches. Photos were taken June 30, 2014.  ©2014  Larry D. Dilts
 ©2014  Larry D. Dilts After unloading materials, on June 30, 2014, UP 2305 and 2212 were headed east near State Road 25 crossing east of Page City, Kansas. The nine car ballast and panel track train tied down in Monument, Kansas.  ©2014  Larry D. Dilts
Former WBCR GP9 number 12 was spotted along with the UP's local power in Oakley, Kansas June 30, 2014. It will be delivered to CHS fertilizer in Colby. They used a trackmobile for the last several years, but found it is not able to handle 20 cars. They were going to get a larger trackmobile, but decided to get a locomotive instead. WBCR is also a ex IC GP10 the next time the local makes a run on the Plainville Branch.  ©2014  Larry D. Dilts  

PVs and Amtrak

Amtrak train number 6 with number 87 passed 4- to 5-hour late running Amtrak number 5 with Tioga Pass (private varnish based at Los Angeles, California) at Granby, Colorado, June 29, 2014. Meet was on east end of town account Union Pacific manifest ahead on siding (3-train meet!). ©2014 Chip

Pike's Peak and Kansas

M&PP 17 was in charge of the first section of the second train of the day. Following close behind was M&PP 19 with the second section of the train. Both trains were ascending Pikes Peak about 1 mile below the summit of the peak on June 28, 2014.  ©2014  Larry D. Dilts M&PP 17 was nearing the summit of Pikes Peak June 28, 2014. ©2014  Larry D. Dilts
ADM’s Northern Sun Sunflower Plant SW-8, at Carusso, Kansas, was busy unloading cars. June 29, 2014. Two years ago, it was out of service awaiting a new engine.  ©2014  Larry D. Dilts  

PVs at Denver

The four LA Rail “The Streamliners” cars arrived on Saturday, 6/28 behind #6 and left this morning (Sunday, 6/29). The charter left Los Angels on 6/24 and will be back in Los Angeles on 7/2.  ©2014 Michael McBride  

Private cars pass through Denver

Five hour late Amtrak train 6, the California Zephyr, had four LA private cars; Tioga Pass, Silver Splendor (ex-Chicago, Burlington & Quincy dome), Pacific Sands and ex-Boston & Maine Salisbury Beach. River limited my options where to capture the train. Too many bushes along the Union Pacific RR Moffat Tunnel line in that area. Fraser, Colorado, June 26, 2014 - PV’s cut off train 6 at Denver for stay until June 29, 2014. ©2014 Chip

Military locomotives

The US Army at Fort Carson, Colorado operates at least four units. On June 27, 2014, I saw 6512 and 4653 at the engine house while 6506 was switching the yards. Two weeks ago, I also saw 4611 parked on one of the west tracks. Larry D. Dilts ©2014 

More electric locomotives for Amtrak

Amtrak 156, Heritage I scheme, had the eastbound California Zephyr, train 6, hustling new ACS-64 (Amtrak 612 & 613) Siemens built electric locomotives from California headed to the Northeast Corridor. Note Colorado River had overflowed her banks east of Kremmling, CO, May 26, 2014. ©2014 Chip

News from Kansas

Switching the yards in Goodland, Kansas, June 26, 2014 was Kyle 3099, 6843, CORP 4073, Kyle 9333, and CORP 4075. The last two units were dead in transit in that they ended up with too much power on the west end. According to the engineer, the Kyle plans to paint two units a year into the G&W color scheme. In the meantime ,a rainbow of colors can be seen. This train had G&W orange, BN cascade green, CORP red and SP gray. Notice the stakes and flagging. Liquid Fertilizer is installing two new tracks to their bulk terminal. Liquid Fertilizer’s plant continues to grow and has become a good customer for the Kyle. Larry D. Dilts ©2014 

A really neat picture

San Luis and Rio Grande RR 1100 worked the Antonito Turn June 25, 2014. Northbound train crossed irrigation canal but only made it to about 5 miles south of Alamosa, Colorado, before tying down. Pesky mosquitoes were out harassing the photographer. ©2014 Chip

On the Move, new locomotives.

BNSF 8568 & 8569 (new SD70ACe units) on southbound train C CAMSLP0-29a  (Smithers Lake, Texas, load) rolled south over Chico Creek east of Pueblo, CO, June 24, 2014. ©2014 Chip

A train robbery at the Museum

Monarch Productions was at the Colorado Railroad Museum for "Wild West Days" and as you can guess, the bad guys showed up to try to rob the train.

The bad guys stopped the train! ©2014 Dave Schaaf A shoot out ensued...  ©2014 Dave Schaaf
but the good guys prevailed in the end! ©2014 Dave Schaaf

Larry Dilts has shared some pictures 

Agriculture is the sole purpose for the remaining 24 miles of the Plainville branch. With the wheat crop about ready to harvest, a lot of last year's grain is being shipped to make room at the elevators. UP C44-9W 9809 and UP(SP) C44AC 6376 were on the mainline between two wheat fields near milepost 206.75, Colby, Kansas, June 20, 2014. Larry D. Dilts ©2014 UP (SP) C44AC 6376 and UP C45ACCTE 8042 with 11 loaded grain hoppers were tied down for the night on the mainline near milepost 204, Colby, Kansas, June 19, 2014. The small shipment was brought in by the Colby local June 16, 2014 and is to be picked up June 23, 2014 by the local. In the meantime, the loaded cars were in the way of a unit train that arrived to be loaded at Cornerstone Ag. It was moved north of College Drive to be out of the way. Larry D. Dilts ©2014
UP C45ACCTE 8042, SD70ACe 8351 and DP unit SD70ACe 8556 were power for a loaded grain train. It was parked at milepost 205.75 on the Plainville branch mainline north of Thomas County Road Q, Colby, Kansas, June 20, 2014. The loaded train was waiting for another empty train to complete spotting it cars at Cornerstone Ag. Larry D. Dilts ©2014 UP (SP) C44AC 6376, and UP C44-9W 9809 were bringing the second empty grain train to Cornerstone Ag. The train was on the Plainville branch mainline at milepost 207.25, Colby, Kansas, June 20, 2014. Three trains in one week made for some interesting switching at Cornerstone Ag and a lot of work for the train crew. Larry D. Dilts ©2014

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