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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.   Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with us. Please contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

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September 21, 2014

A visit to the Cripple Creek area on September 20.

The Colorado Midland depot and section house in Hartsel. The CM has been abandoned since 1918, 96 years old and still standing.  2014 Wally Weart The Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad operates over part of the old Midland Terminal route. Number 2 engine is a Henschel built in 1936 0-4-0, built in Germany prepares to leave. 2014 Wally Weart
Another view of Henschel built in 1936 No. 2. 2014 Wally Weart The Number 1 is a Orenstein and Koppel built in 1902 0-4-4-0 articulated mallet. 2014 Wally Weart
This coach used to sit on the edge of town and has been rescued for possible restoration? Could this be an old Colorado Midland coach? 2014 Wally Weart Rio Grande caboose 0952 sits by the CC&V Narrow Gauge station. 2014 Wally Weart

A sad end for a 6900

Former Union Pacific Centennial 6925, DDA-40X, sits forlorn at Chamberlain, South Dakota, on Dakota Southern Railway. It was purchased for parts years ago. Images taken September 15, 2014. 2014 Chip

A light engine move

An interesting light engine move occurred on September 14 when the BNSF moved both Beer train power and the Golden Switcher power as a combined train. 2014 Wally Weart

Around Colorado

BNSF 8585 and CREX 1211 lead empty coal train E-IOGCKM0-92 North on the Brush Subdivision approaching the siding at Tonville. 2014 SP8595

Rear DPU engines on the BNSF 8585 were the BNSF 6200 and BNSF 6100, are seen here going away at the West switch at Tonville. 2014 SP8595

BNSF 6526 and 4705 still in Warbonnet paint head South with the U-SIOMQA0-16, a 92
car train of empty cement cars heading for the Cement plant at Minnequa which is located just South of Pueblo. This scene was taken at Hudson with the last light of the day.
2014 SP8595
D&RGW 491 is being a really useful engine has he pushes Thomas the Tank Engine around the Colorado Railroad Museum during  the first of three weekends of Thomas Days. 2014 Wally Weart

A neat sunset shot

UP's Greeley Local (LDI-04) switches out Norfolk Iron & Metals off of the Gill lead located at the North end of the Greeley siding. 2014 SP8595

Before and after at LaJara, CO

First photo shows the LaJara depot in April 1971 with dual gauge track still in place. Second photo shows the LaJara depot, which is now town hall, on August 11, 2014 with a Rio Grande & San Luis F unit coming from Antonito with a short train from the perlite mill. 2014 Jerry Day

Derrick OP in action

The C&TS demonstrated the rebuilt D&RGW Derrick OP on the 11th of August. D&RGW Derrick OP was built by the D&RG from gondola 9562 in December 1911. Flat car 06063 was converted to a boom tender for OP at that time. The D&RG rebuilt OP in 1920. It was part of the sale of D&RGW equipment to the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR in 1970. It was used several times over the years but gradually deteriorated and had been completely rebuilt by the Friends of the C&TS RR.   2014 Jerry Day

Some Colorado Action

A short Intermodal train heads West over the West switch at Tonville as it proceed towards Denver on the Brush Subdivision. Consist is faded Warbonnet or also known as "Pinkbonnet" number 938 leading along with BNSF 5354 and Canadian Pacific 8853. 2014 SP8595
The Eastbound Hudson turn has just departed out of Barr siding after having met the BNSF 938. Lead engine BNSF 2854 (ex Santa Fe GP39-2 #3640) is still wearing the Santa Fe scheme that has stood the test of time much better than that of the Red on the Warbonnets!

A class private vehicle

GM&O 50 on Amtrak train 5 September 10, 2014.  Train was running a couple hours late.  The California Zephyr encountered a delay at Utah Junction account switches were out of alignment.  This allowed me to catch it at Blue Mountain Drive west of Arvada, Colorado. The Patron Tequila Express PV now features "Roca on the Rails" lettering.   PV was returning to California. 2014 Chip

More on the Towner line

SNMR 3518, a Montreal Locomotive Works M420W, was used by V&S Railway to move empty rail trains on former Missouri Pacific Towner Line. A&K Materials had removed spikes up to Sugar City, Colorado, as of September 2, 2014. Telephone pole line had been cut down to milepost 825 where this train was parked. Abandonment & track removal stopped by District Court August 29, 2014. No removal activity noted during visit September 2nd. 2014 Chip A & K Railroad Materials Inc. Spike Remover was on semi truck at Sugar City, Colorado, September 2, 2014. Former Union Pacific 25471 Caboose on display and distance. 2014 Chip

A switch move at the Colorado Railroad Museum

On September 2, the crew at the Museum began a switch move to reposition UP coach No. 5442 and relocate it to the roundhouse so it can  be cleaned and prepared to be placed next to the UP diner currently spotted between the office and library. This move culminates many weeks work to remove the car from the track behind the D&RGW F-7s.   2014 Wally Weart
The crew moved the car very, very slowly, oiling the track and watching the wheels very carefully.By late afternoon, the car was spotted on the roundhouse lead. 2014 Wally Weart

Joint Line action

A pair of Citirail lease engines, CREX 1421 and CREX 1418 lead Southbound loaded coal train C-NAMHOH0-14 at Wood Spur located between Palmer Lake and Monument. 2014 SP8595 Southbound empty Auto train V-BGLKCK4-31 (Big Lift-Kansas City) has Canadian Pacific engine #9575 leading South down the Joint Line near Tomah. 2014 SP8595
Visiting Canadian Pacific engine 8840 fronts this Southbound Double stack train B- DENLPK4-31 along with BNSF "pinkbonnet" 869 at Larkspur. 2014 SP8595 You webmaster saw this coal train on August 31 heading south. Not the best picture but was a quick grab shot from the car. 2014 Wally Weart

Some very interesting pictures from Colorado

On August 28, 2014, was a northbound BNSF oil train near Pinon, Colorado. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was illusive but the gold in the northern oil fields is not.  2014 Larry Dilts The western end of the K&O has been busy lately hauling grain. On August 28, 2014, K&O (WAMX) 3936 and WAMX 4026 were parked on the mainline at Towner, Colorado waiting for ADM to finish loading cars. Bartlett Grain and ADM both load at Towner. Towner is the end of the line for the K&O and an interchange point with the VST. 2014 Larry Dilts
See previous caption. The VST is in the process of removing the rails on the Towner line, however no rails have been removed yet. A rail train was parked on the mainline west of Arlington, Colorado August 28, 2014. Apparently there was some problem with the first car on the train. Former SMNR 3518 is being used for power on the train. This past week, it made a trip over the line to the eastern end of the VST to pick up the railtrain that has been stored the past couple of years at Stewart, a short distance west of Towner, Colorado.  2014 Larry Dilts
The railtrain that was parked on the UP at Avondale, Colorado has been moved to the siding about 10 miles east of Sugar City. With most of the spikes already removed, I imagine the train had to proceed very gingerly. 2014 Larry Dilts

Some night photography from the CATS

Jerry Day was nice enough to share some photos from a night shoot taken on August 11th as part of a 463 special. 3 photos 2014 Jerry Day

A really nice shot of Amtrak's Zephyr

A flood near Osceola, IA washed out the tracks early Saturday morning. Consequently, the westbound Zephyr was delay for a few hours. By the time it departed Denver, it was running about five hours late. Here, the train rounds the curve at the east end of Leyden, doing its best to make up for lost time. 2014 Kevin Morgan (Editor's note: nice to see a classic broadside which shows all the train on a curve)

D&RGW 491 in action

D&RGW 491 heads away from the roundhouse for a trip to take on water. 2014 Wally Weart A thirsty engine. 2014 Wally Weart
A classic scene, for sure. 2014 Wally Weart

A new photo freight at the Colorado Railroad Museum

Ex GL RR 40 is now staged with a photo freight. 2014 Wally Weart

An ex SOO SD-60 helps out the BNSF 

An ex SOO line SD-60 leads the Beer train out of Golden on August 22. 2014 Wally Weart

Some pictures from Colorado and Kansas

Cargill stations former Inland Steel 131 at their Byers, Colorado elevator. Based on the louvers in the hood, it appears to be an SW7. 2014 Larry Dilts August 18, 2014. Parked on the a UP siding at Avondale, Colorado is VS&T's rail train with V&S (SMNR) Alco 420 3518. A&K Railroad Materials is finally starting to scrap the Towner 2014 Larry Dilts
At Sugar City, Colorado, A&K Railroad Materials' spike pullers were pulling the spikes on the VS&T mainline. 2014 Larry Dilts Heavy rail and tie removal equipment was parked next to the V&ST siding at Arlington, Colorado. Workers said that rail removal should begin next week. 2014 Larry Dilts
The track view at Arlington, Colorado shows the spikes have already been pulled. 2014 Larry Dilts The K&O line east of Towner, Colorado still sees frequent trains. A 54 car eastbound train was clipping along east of Selkirk, Kansas with K&O (WAMX) 4035 and WAMX 4028 in charge. 2014 Larry Dilts
K&O (WAMX) 4034 and 4001 were in the Scott City, Kansas yard 2014 Larry Dilts

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